by evseymour

There is nothing like preparing to move house for uncovering bookish treasures. Next comes the big question: will they stay or will they go?  Mostly they stay for one very simple reason: a bit like Desert Island Discs, books map landmarks in one’s life. I can often pick up a novel and think, blimey, I know exactly where I read that. I thought it might be fun to share some teen and adult ‘bookish’ memories and then I thought, wait a minute, how interesting would that actually be? On a par with dreams, tastes in literature are fairly subjective and, more importantly, horribly revealing. Do I ‘fess up to reading certain novels and run the risk of alienating potential readers?   Worse, do I fess up to not reading certain novels, that other writers/publishers/agent might expect me to have read? See, what I mean? It’s a minefield.

Of course, I could play safe and give you a bit of a steer without being too specific. I sort of went down this route but, as it read like a catalogue in an auction house, I thought I’d do you a favour and spare you. Anyway, I have the perfect excuse: we move house tomorrow and I’ll be off air for a couple of weeks. Until then, happy reading…