Spies and Stuff

by evseymour

One of the great highlights of the Christmas period is that I had time to read ‘A Delicate Truth’ by John le Carre.  It’s compelling, chilling and gives the strong feeling that le Carre tells it how it really is.  By ‘it’ I mean the silent, secret world of government where dirty deals are done to protect so-called national interests while mangling the lives of others.  If spy fiction floats your boat, this novel comes highly recommended.  Unsurprisingly, I received a couple of other spy-type books in my Christmas stocking so watch out for reviews of Alan Judd’s ‘Uncommon Enemy’ and Robert Harris’s ‘An Officer and A Spy’.  

I promised in my last blog not to drone on about myself.  However even I was surprised (and delighted) to find myself on BBC Radio Gloucester not once but twice over the Christmas period (30th and 31st December).  Cheltenham Literary Festival seems like a lifetime ago now and the piece was recorded moments before I went on stage with Russell James and Caro Peacock.  Hearing the interview a couple of months later provided a nice finish to an eventful 2013.  

As for 2014, ideas for a new novel ‘fermented’ during the holiday and I took the opportunity to make the most of a dry day today to carry out a location check on foot.  Yes, you guessed, it’s based in Cheltenham and I’ve got various characters and scenes dotted around town.  Before I crack on, ‘real’ work beckons…

To writers and readers alike, wishing you a great new year!